๐Ÿ’— We’re Different


It is important to keep in mind the difference between the information you are getting here at Twin Flames Truth versus most of the information out there when you Google the term “twin flames”. We are not just another channel, psychic, or tarot reading that will tell you “Union is coming. By the end of the month, your twin will leave their karmic.” We are here in real life, living the twin flame experience, finding our own enlightenment and helping others along the way. This is REAL experience! We are a truly divinely connected pair of individuals who have been together, “in union”, since the moment we found out that were connected so infinitely. We have never experienced separation. We have never been out of contact from the moment we found each other. We have been fully committed to love and our connection since 1:05 PM EST on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. That was the moment we found truth and divinity. We were 1400 miles apart and in completely different lives at the time. It took 9.5 months of us to move heaven and earth to create a better situation for every single individual involved and for us to be together. The Universe joined in with us on our quest for union and provided the perfect professional situation for Drake to move to Atlanta to be with Evan Marie, in a career move that was great for both him and the company he came to work for. The miracles abound in our life. They never cease.



No false ego here! We function in this physical realm with our center being the love we share, so the only ego you will find here is true ego, the connection to the higher self filtered through our physical human selves. Yes, we are intelligent. Drake is an accomplished physicist with a PhD from Cornell. Evan Marie is a successful musician and music teacher with her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, her graduate degree from Georgia State University and postgraduate studies at Moscow Conservatory in Moscow, Russia, the Universitรคt Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, and as a part of the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria. We have both enjoyed successful professional lives, and now that our lives are centered on the beautiful love that we bring into this world, our professional lives have further flourished as have the individuals with whom they work. For when you are aligned with love, magical things are possible. And we share this energy with everyone we interact with from day to day.In addition to our professional lives, we have incredibly active spiritual lives. We live the twin flame experience. We live the twin flame journey, the twin flame ascension, and the path to enlightenment.



Out there in the wild world of the internet, the vast majority of information on twin flames comes from channelers and tarot readings. Very little of it comes from twin flames who are in union or who have ever experienced ACTUAL union with their twin flame. While useful information can come from channels and truly gifted psychic individuals, with regards to the twin flame experience, most of the information out there has only served to truly confuse and mislead people, keep them hooked and feeling like they cannot navigate this path alone without a channel or psychic, as well as try to make quite a lot of money off of individuals who are experiencing a divine awakening and need honest help. There is little to be found out there in the great big world along the lines of true and genuine help with out $$ involved. And we are different.

We will gladly accept DONATIONS from those who want to show their gratitude for our help in that way. But we will NEVER give you a menu of services and price lists like the vast majority.We do this because we know how precious the gift that we have been given truly is. And we are here to help others. Period. We know how dire the situation in the world truly is, and we know that it is up to use, the truly conscious ones, to help the world awaken to the truth of what humans are capable of and the love that is possible in this world.


Have you tried to tell your friend about your twin flame experience? Did they act like you were nuts? Does your twin maybe think the whole idea is insane, too? Send them our way. If there are any two twin flames who can make you look sane, it is probably us.